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I can’t handle the epicness. (It’s spoilerific, so don’t watch if you haven’t seen the old Sailor Moon, and you don’t want to see transformation footage before the eps come out, or you just don’t like fun.)

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Harry was the favorite kid and he wasn’t even an official part of the family

Because Molly knows exactly how the Dursleys treat him. There’s no way Ron wouldn’t tell her. And Molly Weasley is a Mother. She gets a capital M because she is goddamn phenomenal at what she does. When she hears Harry Potter is on the train to Hogwarts in Book 1, her reaction isn’t to be starstruck. It’s to say “that poor dear had to come here all on his own.” Molly Weasley loves harder than anyone. She loves like it’s her sole reason for being. And when she hears there’s a poor boy who has never known love his whole life… how could she not?

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Melinda May + having enough of people’s shit

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Ever hear of LookHuman? You probably know them as the website that has apparel and accessories with catchy slogans and phrases that fit right in with the tumblr community’s sense of humor.

Well, that’s because a large number of those catchy slogans and phrases, along with artwork, were made by tumblr users and used without credit or permission.

That’s right: LookHuman repeatedly and routinely steals/plagiarizes and profits off the work and words of others.

Don’t believe me? Take a look:

  1. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  2. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  3. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  4. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  5. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:
  6. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  7. Original Post on tumblr:

    Stolen by LookHuman:

And this is just a short list of the examples I could find easily.

They have also stolen work from other websites as well:

Original Shirt:



Stolen by LookHuman:


LookHuman is a company that preys on artists. They profit off other people’s work. None of the money from their sales go back to the original artists or originators of the artwork, slogans, and phrases they use. None of these people were credited.

Bottom line: See a cute shirt with a catchy phrase on LookHuman’s website? Chances are it’s already being sold by the original poster.

Don’t like seeing companies like this thrive? Don’t allow them to.





122 N Grant Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43215
United States

Tell LookHuman that you do not support art theft and plagiarism, and demand that they stop engaging in these practices. Refuse to buy from their store until they change their policies and begin crediting the artists whose work they are profiting off of.

Protect artists.

Support artists.

Boycott art thieves.

LookHuman has a lot of Sailor Moon-related prints as well and it’s frustrating when they pop up here, because I know Sailor Moon fans just want cute clothes but a lot of the ideas on them are just recycled from other uncredited bloggers.

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Douse yourself in water and repent! (1995 vs 2014)

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Okay, let’s just talk about this.

Jimmy Novak has given everything. His wife thought he was insane, he had a celestial being inside him for a year. Cas said he was roughly “the size of your Chrysler building” in his purest form, right? He crammed that into 5’11. Five feet and eleven inches, people. A holy being of incomprehensible power inside one human. To be still walking and talking and functioning as a normal human being is huge for Jimmy to be doing after being worn like one of Buffalo Bill’s shirts for a year. He remembers what Cas did while possessing him, he remembers the demons and the Winchesters and stuff — things his body did, just not what Cas thought. He remembers everything he did. He remembers seeing his daughter for the last time. He remembers Cas’ -his- last words to Claire before he left to speak with Dean. 


"I am not your father."

He remembers Castiel the angel leaving his daughter in the cold with those last five words. I am not your father. And now he has Claire back. Those words weren’t his last. They were obviously very close and believe me when I say that if you’re close to a parent, it’s miserable if one has to leave for a while. I can’t imagine how destroyed Claire must  have been after Jimmy left. She would’ve wondered what she did wrong, what happened to dad, where is he, where is daddy- and to assume him dead. And now he’s back, daddy’s home. And in destiny’s own little ironic way, that  night he came back, Claire would have prayed and thanked the very angels who had taken him from her for Jimmy’s return.

Jimmy Novak loves his family. He was devout (past tense is key) and gave more than any normal human to keep them safe. He’s returned to them for one night -one night to reconcile with Amelia and Claire and even that is cut short. And when he’s faced with the possibility of death and his daughter being used by Castiel, he’s not afraid of dying. He’s afraid of his daughter having to go through what he did, of Claire to be ripped from her life to fight and get stabbed and anything else that would kill a normal human. He forces Cas to take him again, not to keep himself from dying, but to save his daughter from the beings she prays to every night. What’s different this time is he knows what he’s going into and still says yes. 

I’m sorry for the long post, but I fucking adore Jimmy Novak.

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We all have unshakable wills
We will fight on our own
Without leaving our destiny to a prince

We are not helpless girls
Who need men’s protection

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